Ma Hongsheng compiled the 134-81 record cheap baseball jerseys wholesale for more than

In the 13 quarter 194-100. 8 Cincinnati red 1. Johnny Vander Meer (1937-1949): the 14 All Star, Vander Meer led the league's three season (1941-1943) in his 11 year old Red Army of the year of 3.41. 2. Bucky Walters (1938-1948): the 16 All Star, Walters claims to be the 1939 MVP thanks to the 27-11 campaign with the age of 2.29 (career at Cincy) and the league's leading 137 KS. 3. Eppa * Rixey (1921-1933): 3.33 times to start spinning activity rixey in Cincinnati in 357. 2. Jose Rijo (year, 2001-2): Rijo's greatest achievement may be from three Tommy John surgery... But he is also the 1990 World Series MVP (IP, 15.1, 1, 1, two). Jim Maloney (1960-1970): Ma Hongsheng compiled the 134-81 record cheap baseball jerseys wholesale for more than 11 seasons with the age of 3.16 and the 1.24 whip. 7 Chicago cubs, 1. Ferguson Jenkins * (1966-19731982): Jenkins won the CY 1971 and complete the top 3 vote four times. 2. Mordecai * Brown (1904-1912): Brown does not allow the 1908 World Series team in the playoffs, the 1.80 era occupation career spanning 10 seasons 3 (dead ball era) in Chicago. Kerry Wood (pictured above) and Mark, referred to as: (2002-2005): let us highlight the intertemporal absolute Liaodao competition. It is short, sweet, sad, dominant. 4. Rick Reuschel (1972 to, 1983-84): not a household name, but Reuschel is a solid fermentation agent with 3.15 and 48.3 in the first season of the 343 cubs FIP war in the 12 season. Jake Arrieta (2013-2016): if he is long-term cheap baseball jerseys wholesale agreement, 2015 Cy Young Award winner ready to climb this level. Starting with 98 cubs, he placed a nearly 9 K of each of the 2.52 (8.9). 6 metropolitan New York 1. Tom Seaver * (1967-19771983): arguably the greatest of the city's pitcher won the rookie of the year 1967 and NL NL Cy youth of the year of 69, including the amazins of the year when the shock of the 2 Orioles in. Dwight Gooden (1984-1994): ESPN 3030 DOC and Daryl to discuss what might be: Gooden who opened his occupation career with Roy NL and won the Cy Young Award with a 3.10 era and 67 complete games 3 New York 157 Olympic games. Jerry Koo Mausoleum. In the early modern times, Alexander led the Holland times five times in the span of 6 years from 1915 to 1920, completed his tenure with Philadelphia's score of 2.18. 3. Robin Roberts (1948-1961): Roberts is one of the main 1950 in the NL and has a good control, leading the league's 5 times the three vibration rate of 4. Cole Hamels (2006-2015): 2008 NLC and World Series MVP served as the team's trump card in his tenure, spinning the era of nearly K per game 5 (8.6). Curt Schilling (1992-2000): Mita Kihiro shilling spent the longest time cheap baseball jerseys wholesale in Philadelphia, recording 101 wins and one in the last 3.35 years spanning the full game and the 14 end of the 61. Note: Cliff Lee, Roy Halliday, Roy Oswalt · and Joe Blanton and will always remember the brilliant four cover? Missed the cut due to its quite short 4 cardinal of Saint Louis, 1. Bob Gibson (1959-1975): in the 1968 best pitcher spacing, unbelievable 1.12 times Gibson boshoku / 0.85 whip 13 successive 268 KS, MVP 2 and CY claims. Dizzy Dean * (1930-1937): Dean was completely dominant from the 1934, the all star event of the time when he registered for the 95 wins and one in the era of MVP ('34) won the runner up, the 3 (35-36). Adam Wainwright (the fourth chapter): the cardinal rotation of the rock for nearly ten years, the Wainwright package a curveball and hate has 3.17 times (2.87 if you want to filter out 2016 of his comeback) and 1.184 whip. Chris Carpenter (2004-2012): small Toronto to know Saint Louis will find a cheap White Sox jersey carpenter to 95-44 card, posted a 3.07 era, won 2005 CY always in the playoffs (3 times in 18 years, 5). Harry Breechen (19401943 to 1952): is the best day in his southpaws, Breechen lost cheap baseball jerseys wholesale two years ahead of two World War II era 2.91 / 1.18 back to burn a whip in the past 11 seasons, with 3 wins (20 IP 1, two) at the cardinal of the 1946 World Series in Boston. -- 3 Atlanta warriors 1. Greg * Maddux (1993-2003): NL four Cy Young Award winner, total control of the master, the occupation career in the age of 2.63 in Atlanta, but also a series of 2 people. Warren * Spahn (19421946-1964): in the 20 season with the Boston and Milwaukee warriors, especially spinning 356 wins and 63 series with a 3.05 era, 1.18 whip, and won 19573 Cy Young award. 2. Madison Bumgarner (2009-2016): a part, a part of cattle, boom Garner has an extraordinary 0.25 times in the 36 World Series innings, 5 people worked in 2014 when he was SF to another even in the champions. 3. Carle Hubbell * (1928-1943): won three times champion southpaws in four years (34, 36) and markers, MVP period, the end of occupation career with a 2.98 era and 364 shutout their. Gaylord Perry (1962-1971): Perry said, two Cy Young Award (Santiago) spent most of his occupation career in San, earned 2.96 Mark and his 1606 on the way to join the 3000 Club 5 strikeouts. Juan Marichal (1960-1973): the 10 All Star, Michael put the complete game of the 244 and the 52 successive victories in the big 238 with his age of 2.84. Note: in 2012-2015 four stone, two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum missed, that all the giant cheap baseball jerseys wholesale arms. Getty Images O. Watson -- 1 Losangeles dodge 1 Jason. Sandy Koufax (1955-1966): how do you summarize lefty Koufax? He is absolutely the person serving machine a suffocating with a 1.95 era in his last five seasons (leading the League each season), selected three Cy Young Award, across a MVP and two world series MVP. 2. Clayton Kershaw (2008-2016): the other team southpaws with a vicious curveball, future Hall of Famer. Since he entered the league Adam Eaton Softball jersey players smooth and deceptive delivery. Three Cy Young Award and count and positive ridiculous 15.6 K / BB ratio of more than 149 2016.3. Don Drysdale (a partner: perennial all star and the 3 World Series champion Dodgers pitcher, Drysdale completed a year's absolutely ridiculous (1968) by combining six successive en route to a then record 58? Continuous score cheap baseball jerseys wholesale the ball, then by the Dodgers Orel Hershiser. 4. Dazzy Vance (1922-19321935): Vance led the League for the three time in a row to start his career in the Brook () Dodgers in the past 7 seasons, also leading the league's FIP season of 5. Don Sutton * (1966-19801988): Sutton became the 300 plus game winner thanks to the WS team for the Dodge Brothers of the 233, in the era of the champions of the record of the age of 3.09 (2.20). Note: the Dodgers have such an embarrassing wealth that the Orel Hershiser has hardly been cast off with Fernando.