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2017 celebrity classes have been set, it is time to look forward to next year. From this year's vote in addition to a confidant, there will be a new impressive group. The list is the first of the warriors of the legendary Chipper Jones, who will start making his 2018 induction program when he ends up at the end of the 2012 time. But it won't stop with hearty. The most striking the first election next year, they Cooperstown awards opportunities by USA Today Sports Major League career Star-Ledger John Manson Jones Larry Wayne Jones and hearty warriors spent his entire 19 season, winning 1999 NL MVP, 2008 and eight all star berth batting champion NL money. Number third is a team that won the 1995 World Series and the key to the 14 consecutive division titles. He hit. 303 / 401 / 529 and 468 home run and 1623 RBI, in his occupation career - nine 100-rbi season and eight season run 100. Outlook: on the first ballot induction USA Today sports DELL zanine Jim · Tommy's powerful left baseball history ranked seventh baseball jerseys for sale online in the 612 home run locked in his 22 major league season. Tohme broke the 100 RBI nine hit at least 40 home run six times. The 15 time all star and three different franchises, Tom completed a 276 / 402 / 554 line and 1699 rbis. He is also ranked seventh in the history of walking and doing all this without any doubts about the partial differential equation, some will make him more support from the voters. In 71 playoff games, Tom is 17 times deeper. Outlook: certainly is the first American sports today Tommy Gilligan Omar Vizquel defense magician, Vazquez won 11 Gold Glove shortstop, including nine consecutive from 1993-2001 with the indians. However, Vizquel also hit. The 3331999 highest occupation career 14 home run and 72 RBI in 2002. He is a fast runner, completed 404 stolen bases and three tuple almost as many (77) (80) as Homer in his 24 season Major League career. The three all star end is just shy of the 3000 hit plateau of 2877, and he is the most professional in the history of the game at the top of the guerrillas (2709). Outlook: the obtained but may have baseball jerseys for sale online to wait a few years USA Today sports David Richard Scott Rolen 1997 NL rookie of the year and the people of Philadelphia and is the best defensive third baseman in history, won eight gold gloves. The role of breakthrough 100 RBI five different seasons, 30 home run, three times. The seven time all star hit rate of 421, with a home run in the 2006 World Series victory cardinals. In the 17 major league season, Rolen played 281 / 364 / 490 and 316 home run and 1287 rbi. Outlook: not to vote for the first time in Cooperstown.

There is a strong case, as a future Hall of Famer Jonathan USA Today sports Dyer Johnny Damon one or two World Championships (2004 Red Sox Yankees, 2009), Damon was selected to one or two all star teams. He completed the occupation career 2769 hits and 408 stolen bases in more than 18 major league season, he did not at that time. 284 / 352 / 433. In 59 playoff games, Damon played 274 / 323 / 452 and 10 home run and 33 rbi. He's got a beard. Outlook: will be stuck on the ballot but will be a short induction of baseball jerseys for sale online today's American sports Greg · Wood; Kerry 1998 rookie of the year in this year's NL all star leading the 266 time in the 2003 quarter of the three vibration in one or two. Wood is the four major league (joined by Clemence, Randy Johnson and Max Scherzer) to cast the 20 game of the three game, do such a rookie in the 19. Injuries forced 2007 permanent wooden cowshed, he saved 63 games. In his 14 season of good professional, won the 86 game, scored a 1582 (10.3 K / 9 ratio) announced the era of the 3.67. Outlook: the injury cost is too high, his resume to USA Today sports Jerry Lai and Johan Santana twins one or two Cy Young Award winner, Santana won the three crown 2006 pitchers with 19 wins, 2.77 times and 245 times three vibration. He also has a 20 win season, the three time the title of the title of the three vibration, and the first of the three times without a hit in the history of the metropolis on his resume. Unfortunately, his career has cheap chicago cubs jersey never been the same after no 2012 - the last time he appeared in the profession - because of injury. In the 12 season, Santana won the last 139 games, with the times of the 3.20 and the 1988 vibration of the three. Outlook: a major league baseball great occupation rather than a hall of fame occupation career by USA Today sports John Manson Chris Carpenter NL 2005 Cy Young Award winner won his occupation career 144 wins and 95 Cardinals from 2004-2012 star-ledger. The span consists of two World Series championships, three star appearances and NL era champion. The carpenter finished top three in the NL voting Celeron three times, 2009 NL Comeback Player of the year, only in the first two seasons pitching five games. He completed 3.76 times and a total of more than 15 major league baseball jerseys for sale online matches over the season with Saint Louis and Toronto in the. At the start of the 18 playoffs, he was 10-4 with the age of 3. Outlook: the absolute bulldog, but too much damage to today's American sports Geoff curry Livan Hernandez Cuban feel finished second years to vote for the rookie of the year despite only 17 of the start of the Marin NL. The two all star team, leading League pitching 7

He was 34 years old when he did not fall back on his career. He was only 269 years old. Two of his 20 win season in 38 and 40 years old, he finished in the top three Celeron? 1999 to 2003 year old Youth Award vote for the three time. An all star only once in 40 years in 2003, Moyer completed a 4.25 times and 2441 times the three vibration eight franchise. Outlook: volume argument would hinder him from today's US sports Jennifer buchanannext 2017 gallery12the Baseball Hall of fame vote resultsstart gallery? Fox's fantasy baseballjoin or create a free leagueplay now! 0shareswatch Justin Verlander impact on the tigers in the Comerica park outside the 0sharestigers ace Justin Verlander crowd is excited about the 2017 season, he wants to ensure the same enthusiasm of the team's fans. He also arrived early on Saturday morning at baseball jerseys for sale online tigerfest, giving fans gathered at the Comerica Park quite a process.. a surprise justinverlander surprised fans at comericapark before tigerfest this morning!?? Pic.twitter.com/hicyv9vu4i - Detroit tiger (tiger) January 21st, 2017rather than the use of the players entrance, why not worship the masses go? This is not a lot of former rookie of Ron Santo jersey the year, and MVP won the Cy Young award may be chosen, but the crowd definitely appreciated. Verlander also made a few new friends at the gym: basketball, breakfast, and some dressing room this morning and some of my new friends! Tigerfest tigerskidsclub pic.twitter.com/4kasftxgis - Justin Verlander (justinverlander) in January 21st, the 201710view Gallery: 9 active major league baseball star who was locked by famejoe Nicholson | USA today sportsfox fantasy baseballjoin hall or create a free leagueplay now! Fearless Mexico catcher plunged into a canoe chase 0sharesyou may not have a habit of baseball highlights in January, but buckle; this is a kind of baseball jerseys for sale online wild. On Monday night in the Mexico Winter League, the catcher Sergio Burruel almost made the best ending and you will see. Two out of the, Burruel on a hard foul pop up, dive down in an attempt to get Superman to catch his body out of the rest area. Sergio CAE escaleras Las Vegas Del canoe in? Me and Iacute; BLE La Gardel Serg receptor.